AI Face Swap
AI Emoji

Swapr is a revolutionary face swapping software based on AI technology. Unlike other conventional face swap applications, Swapr is developed through large-scale model training, allowing it to deliver more realistic face swapping effects. Additionally, Swapr also incorporates the function of Text To Emoji, enabling users to create adorable emojis using text. 😁


Innovative Thinking

By using state-of-the-art deep learning models, faces can be swapped with natural and seamless effects.


Users can adjust the details of the swapped face, such as blending and brightness, to achieve more realistic and natural effects.

Unique Design

Simple and user-friendly interactive experience compatible with iOS, Mac, and iPad.

Privacy and Security

Swapr provides privacy protection features, allowing users to encrypt the swapped images to safeguard their personal information.

Other Highlights

The face swap tasks are deployed on multiple instances of GPUs, supporting high concurrency, and each task can be completed in a stable 10 seconds. (Behind this is a high cost 😭)
The Emoji task supports task language as input and can output results within 10 seconds. Based on Apple Emoji style training, the effects are extremely cute.

Real-time Rendering with RTX 4090

Fastest single image conversion in just 10 seconds

Supports Text To Emoji generation in Apple Emoji style (currently available for free!!)